Bette Norcross Wappner

Announcing my new painting workshop coming soon!
Will be posting details and dates!

I’m a graduate and an official Color of Woman Intentional Creativity ® Teacher!
On November 5, 2019 I received my certificate in Santa Cruz, CA. We each painted drums for this special occasion. I’m feeling excited and blessed to move forward and start teaching workshop and helping women and people to paint their dreams!

Empowering Women At The Canvas 

No experience necessary!

Oct. 2019 – New Workshops to be announced soon! I will complete my Intentional Creativity Teacher Training by November 1st, 2019 and will post my new workshop schedule here. Thank you for your interest! Let’s do this!

Intentional Creativity Workshops



• Painting Workshops to help women set new intentions, focus on gratitudes and blessings, experience peacefulness, mindfulness, in a meditative process  

• Visit my store where I sell my canvas paintings, hand painted altar cloths,  jewelry, and  Elephant Love postcard boxed set.

• Visit my store for prints and misc. products at:


Available for purchase at my Etsy store:

More available in different colors and themes at my Etsy shop.

For example, this photo above is to”Illumination”.   Size:  17″ x 12″.  Acrylic on unmounted canvas.  Flower of Life sacred geometry infused with one aspect of the element of Fire – Illumination – represents the many aspects of how light illuminates our life through awareness, wisdom, guidance, inner knowing, candlelight, firelight, etc.  Each of the 4 layers are also infused with essential oils that correspond to the chakras.


New Workshops to be announced soon! Set your new intentions at the canvas. No experience needed.